Sunday, June 12, 2011

Peter Walks on the Sea of Galilee

This was performed on The Sea of Galilee during CITA to the Nations: Jordan and Israel.

Scripture by Jenny, performance by Rich Swingle, who commented:

I had this idea on Westchester Chapel's trip in 2005, but when we arrived on this trip there were three boats and none of them looked like they would work for this sketch. But then our guide told us we were on the third boat, which turned out to be the very boat that inspired the idea six years ago.

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Peter's Mother-in-Law

This sketch was performed in Capernaum, about 100m from where they believe Peter's mother-in-law lived. Anna B. and Morgen M. developed this sketch and Rich Swingle stepped in as Jesus.

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Strangely, the video doesn't show on Chrome, but we found that it does work on Safari, and hopefully it does on others.