Thursday, May 5, 2022

Our National Day of Prayer Event, Praying Over Broadway Theatres

This morning, on the National Day of Prayer, several of us, including two Broadway actors, gathered to pray over 11 Broadway theatres either on foot or over video conference. Join us in praying to our God who stands outside of time:

Here are the theatres we covered...

Next stop: Ethel Barrymore Theatre 243 West 47th Street

8:36 AM


Next stop: Samuel J. Friedman Theatre 261 W. 47th St.

8:39 AM


Next stop: Brooks Atkinson Theatre 256 W. 47th St.

8:42 AM


Next stop: Richard Rodgers Theatre 226 W. 46th St.

8:45 AM


Next stop: Imperial Theatre W. 46th

8:50 AM


Next stop: Marquis Theatre 1535 Broadway

8:51 AM


Next stop: Lunt-Fontanne Theatre 205 W. 46th St.

8:54 AM


Next stop: Palace Theatre. 1564 Broadway

8:56 AM


Next stop: Cort Theatre. 138 W. 48th St.

9:03 AM


Next stop: Longacre Theatre 220 W. 48th St.

9:06 AM


Last stop: Walter Kerr 219 W. 48th St.

9:26 AM

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