Thursday, August 18, 2022

Ed Fields

Westchester Chapel Family and Friends, 
Our dearest brother, Ed, has entered fully into the Presence of the Lord. This morning (August 18), the gates of heaven opened before this one so beloved on earth and in heaven. The Lord has received his beloved son Ed with rejoicing. We, on earth, shall miss Ed so much until we see him again. 

 Please join us in praise and prayer. 

Blessed Lord, how can we praise you enough for what you have done? How can we thank you enough for the gift of Jesus your Son? Hallelujahs without end for Jesus. Praise to Jesus who had Ed and his beloved family in His Mind as He hung on the tree and rose from the grave. How can we say thank You for making the way for Ed and for us all to live with You forever? Endless praise be to the blessed Father, Son and Spirit. 

Lord, we also bless you for the faithfulness that came from You and lives in Ed’s loving wife Jan. She has mediated Your faithful Presence to Ed. Bless you for Ed’s faithful family: Melanie, Stacie, Robbie, Marcelo, and Paul. How beautifully they served Ed at Your direction. Please bring the comfort of the coming Kingdom to this beautiful family. It is written, “Blessed are the mourning ones for they will be comforted.” Bring wholeness and healing to each one. Bring healing hope and comfort to Jan who has been with her life partner Ed for more than fifty years. 

May grace and peace be multiplied to these beloved ones. In Jesus’ Name, Amen and Amen. 
Pastors Jim and Linda

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Please leave a blessing or a prayer for Ed's family below and/or on the tribute page his daughter Stacey set up on Facebook. There you can also see more photos of Ed.

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  1. Beloved Fields, our hearts go out all of you and everyone missing Ed. He was beloved to our community, and we know that he welcomed the Lord into his life, and so the Lord has welcomed him into LIFE! Keeping you in our prayers!

  2. Lord we thank you for our dear brother Ed. We remember his beautiful smile, hardy laughter, love of family, advocacy for the oppressed and generosity of heart. We thank you for all the times he opened his beautiful home to our church community. We pray for Jan, Stacey, Melanie, Marcelito, Robbie, Paul and all his family and friends. Bring peace and comfort to soooo many who love and miss Ed.
    We are grateful that Ed is in your loving arms, Jesus. We thank You that he is in a place where there are no more tears and no more pain. We look forward to seeing Ed again.
    In Jesus name we trust and pray, Amen

  3. My heart cannot express how blessed I have been to have known Ed. He was a joy to us and now he is a joy up close and personal to the heavenly host. May your hearts be comforted by knowing the delight Ed is enjoying and that we will see him again. Much love, Joyce