Monday, January 23, 2012

Sign Up to Fast

Dimas Salaberrios fasted for 22 days straight, praying for New York City not to evict churches from public schools on February 12.

You can find more on the situation from CNN and the New York Times.

Pastor Salaberrios had to end the fast because his heart was giving out. If you would like to help continue this fast, click on a day to which you can commit and put your name there. First names or initials are fine. This is just a way to encourage others to carry the vision in an organized fashion. Pastor Salaberrios' message on the day he ended the fast follows the calendar.

As you fast, pray that the legislation that was passed unanimously by the New York Committee on Education on January 24 and was passed in the State Senate on February 6 be moved to a vote swiftly, and that Governor Cuomo will not veto the bill. Please call and write to him and your state representatives to let them know that the freedom to worship in public places must not be revoked. You can also send an email to the state Assembly members, who will be voting on this issue soon.

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