Sunday, July 17, 2016

Make Jesus the Captain of Your Boat

Pastor Randy Solomon preaches on Matthew 8:1-23Pastor Jim Warren opens with prayer and a reading from Matthew 5:1-12. Pastor Rachel Taylor leads communion.

Pastor Randy mentions the book Tortured for His Faith by Haralan Popov. Here's the passage he read:

A light glow began to shine and a warming 
sensation filled the cell and enveloped my weakened, starved 
frame. I felt strong arms around me, cradling me in the arms 
of Christ Himself. That same voice which I had heard when I 
had stood at the wall for two weeks spoke again. I can never 
describe that voice. Overwrought with love and compassion, 
Christ spoke to me saying, "My son, I shall never forsake 
you. My arms are around you and in them I shall comfort you 
and give you strength." 

Tears flowed down my cheeks as I was held in the 
embrace of Christ. I know some readers may think this 
extreme, but when I was at the point of madness and despair, 

Christ let me know He had not forgotten me there huddled in 
the blackness of a forgotten cell in the bowels of the earth. It 
was a beautiful loving embrace and a moment that made all 
the suffering worthwhile. How I love Him! If all men in the 
world could only know this Christ in His beauty and love! 

Now I was with Christ and content to wait for death to be 
with Him. He talked with me, comforted me and His pres- 
ence filled the cell in an almost physical way. He held my 
hand in His nail-pierced hand. He knew suffering and shared 
the suffering of His children. 
Pastor Randy mentioned how many thousands of lightning storms there are every day around the globe. He said it's necessary for the planet. He used to be an engineer for NASA and he said he once asked one of the astronauts what she liked most about going into space. She said watching all the thunderstorms. 

This video was created by Ivy Schexnayder, who did steady-cam, drone work and behind the scenes video and photography work on One Day - short film, in which our drama evangelist, Rich Swingle, performed and coached actors last week.

Pastor Randy refers to the film Miracles from Heaven...

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