Monday, October 27, 2014

Rich Swingle's faculty devotional at MasterWorks

Here's Rich Swingle's faculty devotion at MasterWorks, followed by links to things he mentioned. It's divided into a sections, which should play one after the next. On some browsers you may need to hit the forward button to get the next one started. It's posted this way so you can see the video illustrations in a better quality and to honor their copyrights. Peter Hitchins interview should stop at 7:42, but that doesn't seem to work on most browsers. The rest of it's great stuff, too, but when Rich's talk resumes it's linked to what Hitchins said about the arts opening people to the reality of God.
Here are the links to things Rich mentioned:
The Acts
Dr. Alma Villegas (scroll down)
Performing during the Sochi Olympics
Christians in Theatre Arts (CITA)
Eric Metaxas
Enacted Prayer

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